The Adventures of Moving: Fright Fest 2009

I bought five bags of Halloween candy (at nearly 10 bucks a pop!) in anticipation of this evening’s festivities.

How many Trick-or-Treaters will we get on a dead-end street in a mountainous ski resort?  Not sure, but I wanted to be prepared for anything.


What have we been doing the last three days? Eating said candy. Curse you, All Hallow's Eve!

Since we’ve just moved and are up to our eyeballs in dissertations and manuscript edits, I was a bad dog mama and had to recycle Molly’s jester costume this year.

halloween costume

Baby Molly as a jester...

I’m impressed she can still fit into a costume from three years ago!

Photo 17

Big Girl Molly as a jester.

And, as it’s 2:30 AM, let’s revel in some pictures from Halloweens past, shall we?


That's me as Hermione Granger all the way to the left. Ah, college. Lauren's going to kill me for posting this picture, BTW. (Blue-wigged ALIAS costume)

Dwight & Angela

Dwangela, Halloween '07. Yeah, we don't look like them as people--but the costumes were so spot on!

Molly the Bee

Miserable for the entire 10-minute photo shoot. 😦


Last year, my hubs went as an old-school ghost. We were in Georgia, however, and people kept asking him if he was a Klan member. Um, horrifying. I do like how his red eye totally rocks in this picture, though.


I was SuperGirl. Laaaaaame.


Molly went as a doofy-faced pumpkin.

Here’s what’s frightening me this year:

Photo 18

An office with no office furniture and a corner full of unsorted books & crap? Terrifying!

Photo 19

Scared yet?

Being that there are no protractors in the house (my hubs left all of his at the office), I have to go as Crazy Wristwatch Beard this year.

Photo 20

What time is it? Oh, I do believe it's time for CAN-DAY!

For my bookish types who want some scary news about the publishing industry, read literary agent Nathan Bransford’s post, This Week in Publishing.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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