Shenandoah Writers News: Nov. 3 Meeting


Shenandoah Writers is a writing group, based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, which meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Barnes & Noble at Harrisonburg Crossing at 7pm. Stop by!


Beth Trissel signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for her historical romance, Red Bird’s Song.  Congrats, Beth!  You’re an example to us all, and I look forward to hearing all about your journey to publication.

JoMarie DeGioia is moving back to Florida at the end of this month.  She’s been a tremendous asset to me in terms of talking up our group, and I know we’ll all miss seeing her face around Barnes & Noble.  If you’re in the Harrisonburg area, stop by the store before 11/22 (her last day at the Harrisonburg B&N), and wish her well.

Three new members – Mindy & Andrew Franke and Carolyn Chilton – joined me at the Nov. 3 meeting.  Welcome, welcome, welcome!


With the three new members and the absences of a few others, we spent most of the time in a “meet and greet,” where we discussed everyone’s writing areas and what we want to get out of the group.

We had each done a different writing prompt, which showed the wide range of our interests when we passed around each others’ work, and we discussed our experiences in completing each one (Carolyn, who found out about us through the B&N Web calendar – YAY, B&N Web calendar! – brought one of her self-published pieces to share).

We unanimously found the exercises beneficial and decided to focus on craft for the next several meetings.  To do so, we will be reading Brian Kiteley’s The 3 A.M. Epiphany: Uncommon Writing Exercises that Transform Your Fiction.

Andrew suggested we create a Web-based bulletin board to stay in touch between meetings (more on that below).


Please note: The Dec. 1 meeting will be 7pm—not 7:30pm as the B&N calendar currently says.  I just e-mailed them to request the change be made.

Also: Please read the first chapter of Kiteley’s book.  That section deals with point of view.  We did a few of the prompts for the last meeting, but we decided that the exercises were so worthwhile that we’d like to read more about what Kiteley has to say in terms of POV.  Being that he gives several writing prompt options, we decided that we’d all just pick our own this time.


It’s not up and running yet.  However, it will be a Web-based, password-encrypted forum, where we can post work for critique, discuss our work, bounce ideas off one another, brainstorm, etc.

I will also post news and minutes from each meeting for anyone who has missed a month.  As well, I have a few out-of-state friends who are interested in joining our circle, and this would be the ideal way for them to do so.  If you know anyone else who might go for something like this—or if you are not in the Harrisonburg area but are interested in joining Shenandoah Writers, please e-mail me at

I’ll keep you posted on the bulletin board once I have more info.  So excited!


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2 thoughts on “Shenandoah Writers News: Nov. 3 Meeting

  1. Thanks for your analysis of memoir vs. fiction. My memoir has been published in newspapers around the world but I deem the novella ‘fiction’and altho the original story (a widow and her polio kid) has had a half a million readers, agents seem reluctant to take it on for some reason as opposed to movie companies. Wonder why?

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