Shenandoah Writers: Dec. 1 Meeting

Shenandoah Writers is a writing group, based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, which meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Barnes & Noble at Harrisonburg Crossing at 7pm. Stop by!


Two of us slacked in terms of the writing prompt for this month, but we both had valid excuses.  (Yes, I was one of the slackers!)

We both promised to do our assignments before the January 5th meeting, however, and I even offered to do a punishment…but the other members were too nice to take me up on that.  Therefore, I decided my punishment will be that I must post the late assignment on the forum, which – YES – is up and running!  More details to come…

After we read Andrew’s fabulous Historical Omniscience piece, we chatted about POV and Kiteley’s book and decided to keep plugging away at it.

We cut the meeting a bit short because I’ve been battling a bug all week.


Please note: The Jan. 5 meeting will be 7pm—not 7:30pm as the B&N calendar currently says.  I just e-mailed them to request the change be made.   (I had to do that last month, too.  What’s up with those guys??)

Also: Please read the second chapter of Kiteley’s book.  It’s on images.  This time, we decided we’d all do the *same* prompt, to see how the results will vary.  I am supposed to be picking said prompt, and I have yet to do that.  (I intend to get to it by 12-11, so check back.)

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