Shenandoah Writers: Jan. 5 Meeting

Shenandoah Writers is a writing group, based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, which meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Barnes & Noble at Harrisonburg Crossing at 7pm. Stop by!


We welcomed new member Kathryn Williams to the group.  Kat is a graphic design student with a creative writing minor, and although she’s written and published short stories, her current focus is on poetry. We’re thrilled to have you, Kat!

We also discussed the online component to our group, the aptly-named Shenandoah Writers Online (SWO).  I ran some of my ideas past the gang, and they gave me some of theirs, including:

  • “Write ins” in the style of Twitter’s #amwriting or #writingparty
  • Scheduled chats
  • Contests
  • Writing-book reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Author spotlights
  • A mini NaNoWriMo (ShenWriWriMo)

These are all great ideas and all things I plan to implement in the coming months, so stay tuned!


Keep plugging away with the third chapter of Kiteley’s book.  It’s on characters.

I’ll post the prompt by Monday, Jan. 11, so check back—or if you’re a member of SWO, check there.

2 thoughts on “Shenandoah Writers: Jan. 5 Meeting

  1. Are you open to non-fiction as well as fiction writers ??? Working on a manuscript and interested in sharing and hearing others experiences.

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