The Adventures of Moving: Little Boy Beard Resurfaces, I Make a Friend

Anyone who has followed this blog for a while knows that, when I talk about Little Boy Beard, it’s not a good thing.

He’s been in hiding for a while, but the stalkerish pubescent Kroger employee reappeared after a few months without a trace.  This time, however, it was at Food Lion.

You're not safe anywhere!

There’s really not much to this story except to say that I now go out of my way to avoid seeing this kid who accosted hit on me during my first Kroger experience in Harrisonburg—we even moved half an hour away (not because of him, but it does sound more dramatic if I say it that way) . . . and I walk into Food Lion to pick up a lousy gallon of milk only to recognize him by his scraggly little boy beard?

The hubs and I guffawed at the sight of him—and promptly got the hell out of there.

But now on to more pleasant matters . . . it seems Molly is not the only one to make a friend. 🙂

Had to.

Yes, in the midst of gluing myself to my office chair for 23 hours a day, I met up-and-coming young adult author Jodi Meadows a month or two ago.  What’s more, we pried ourselves away from our laptops for over two hours the other day and had coffee— IRL (in real life) at the very Barnes & Noble where Shenandoah Writers meets.

Jodi actually blogged about this (and because she did, I don’t feel so nerdy blogging about it—hee!) and told the story much more eloquently than I probably will, but here it is:

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a blog post talking about being hesitant to tell people you’re a writer.  The post struck me because I had been feeling the same way, so I included it in that week’s “This Week in the Blogosphere” post.


  • Jodi must have had Google alerts set up on it (?) or checked her blog hits or something, and she realized we live—seriously—about 10-15 minutes from one another. !
  • She contacted me, and we got to chatting via e-mail and Twitter and came to find we both write young adult lit (although she writes spec-fic and I write contemporary). !!
  • I also discovered that, because she used to read slush for former literary agent Jenny Rappaport, we are familiar with many of the same peeps in the publishing industry. !!!
  • To top it off, she writes full time—!!!!
  • —loves coffee—!!!!!
  • —AND we are very close in age—!!!!!!

I was obviously ecstatic.  But also terribly intimidated.  And, I felt like kind of a goof for being so excited.  I certainly didn’t want to tell her how Urkel I felt about meeting her.  How lame would she think I was??


So when she suggested we grab some coffee, when she Tweeted something equally as dorky as what I was thinking (about hoping I would think she was cool and vice versa), and when she turned out to be super down to earth and nice, I was happy.

I know it’s all terribly fifth grade to be so “Do you want to be my friend,” but as I discussed in a previous post, it’s tough to meet people when you’re an adult . . . and you move . . . and you don’t have kids . . . and you write full time.

Among things like learning that Jodi has five ferrets and a Kippy, has written 17 manuscripts (!), and has been married for seven years, I also learned Jodi just signed with an agent.

So, that basically means I hate her. 😉

Check out her Web site and blog to learn more about her Query Project as well as her ERIN fantasy series.

6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Moving: Little Boy Beard Resurfaces, I Make a Friend

  1. Glad you’re down with the dorky.

    Yes, that Food Lion!

    No, Kroger isn’t safe because I’m pretty sure he still works there. He was just shopping at Food Lion.

    Which means he must live near US.

    OMG. <–hee

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