SWO Write-In Report

A few people asked how last week’s Shenandoah Writers (IRL) write-in went, so I wanted to share.  I thought it went very well!

Here's a pic of the coffee station--complete with three fancy creamers and E.L. Fudge Stripes. So fun!

All SW(IRL) members attended, and we each got a lot written.  Two members were actually handwriting—one was doing outlining and the other was working on a new short story, I believe.  Another focused on editing her current WIP, and I was, of course, soldiering on with Sheena.

The husband-and-wife duo writing upstairs did a combined 4000 words that day—very impressive—and we all went out for an early dinner to celebrate the beautiful weather and our writing success. 🙂

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get into the writing groove—I’m generally a shut-myself-up-in-my-office-and-write-in-complete-silence kind of a writer, but the words began to flow, once I buckled down.  I wrote about 1600 words that day, and once the clock struck five, I was actually sad we had to stop because I was really in “the zone” then!

A good day all around.  I’m sure we’ll do this again, and I suggest you try it with a group as well.  It’s an interesting and very different experience!

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