New WB Writing Program: WordWatchers

I was so impressed with the amount of participation we had in May with SheNoWriMo and I received so much positive feedback from SW(IRL) and Write-Brainiacs about the contest that I’d like to implement another, similar, writing program.

I drew my inspiration from weight-loss program WeightWatchers’s point system (in case that wasn’t obvious); however, instead of trying to reduce your mass, we’ll be bulking up—on words written, that is.

From what I gather, the WeightWatchers folks design a program—specific to each person—based on a number of factors: ideal body weight according to height, age, etc.

Hear me now, and understand me later. The WB is here to PUMP--your MANUSCRIPT up!

Participants are then given a number of “points” they are allowed to consume per day, per week, etc. (foods are assigned numeric values in the way of these points), and they can eat whatever foods they want to get to their allotted points—as long as they don’t exceed their daily/weekly goals.


With SheNoWriMo, although participants picked reasonable daily word-count goals, sometimes life got in the way.  In that event, people usually caught up over the next few days.

That said, I’d like WordWatchers to be more like that.  Let’s stick to weekly writing goals.

The WB Network's (awesome) May contest (formerly Shenandoah Writers Online)


Set a weekly word-count goal.  Divvy up the daily writing however you want, but make sure you get to your WordWatcher word-count total by the end of each week.  Easy peasy.  This will allow you to take days off without the guilt—whatever fits your schedule.

For instance, if you think your schedule will only allow you to comfortably write 3500 words/week (that’s two pages a day), fine.  That’s your goal.  Post it on the WordWatchers discussion in the forum on The Write-Brained Network and on your WB “wall,” and have at it.

You can write one continuous piece or many of smaller pieces or—heck—even writing prompts (you CANNOT count blog posts, e-mails, status updates, or Tweets, however).

Just set a goal for yourself, and do the writing.  And keep us posted about it.  Ideally, I’d like all participants to keep a daily record (on their WB walls) of their progress, like last time—it was nice when we were all cheering each other on—but since WordWatchers is a little more flexible than SheNoWriMo, perhaps it’s more feasible for you to mark your weekly progress.  We can still root for the participants.


"One . . . ah-ah-ah . . ."

As a general rule, 250 words = one page of writing.  That should help you gauge the amount of words to which you think you can commit every week.

Remember: Don’t be too aggressive.  Don’t make it impossible to reach your weekly goals, or you might get discouraged from continuing with the program.  However, don’t be wimpy with your goals, either; challenge yourself.

Essentially, tailor your WordWatchers program to your lifestyle as well as your writing tastes/purposes.


We’ll start July 1, so think about your ideal weekly word count, and keep your eyes peeled for the WordWatchers discussion on the WB forum.

As with SheNoWriMo, my ultimate goal here is to get folks writing.  Something.  Consistently.

I do hope a lot of peeps will consider taking part in it.*

*You must be a member of the Write-Brained Network to participate.  Not a member yet?  E-mail me or click here to get started.

2 thoughts on “New WB Writing Program: WordWatchers

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m not sure I can start right away either (I’m doing a little bit of revising at the moment). I plan to have this going for a while (maybe starting over each month – maybe even until NaNoWriMo?), so no worries on when to start!

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