Live Chat, Lower Back Pain & Randomosity

Good Monday, kids!

I’ve been laid up all weekend with a bad headache and then crazy lower back pain (shoot me, please!), but I’ve still got something to report.

We’re having a Shenandoah Writers Online LIVE CHAT tomorrow night—Aug. 24—from 9-10PM EST.  We’ll be talking about our writerly problems.  Maybe someone will have the key to solving yours!

We’ve acquired quite a few more members since the last chat, so I’m hoping this will be a well-attended one.

You *do* need to be a member of SWO to get in on the chat, so if you haven’t joined yet, why not?  You don’t have to live in the Shenandoah area—we’re a community of writers from all over the country and one from Australia (we’re global, baby!), and we’d love to have you!

To join, click here or shoot me an e-mail.


  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry—OK, not great
  • Failure to Launch—kinda meh, kinda OK
  • The Wedding Singer—awesome as always 🙂
  • Made of Honor—kinda meh, kinda meh

2 thoughts on “Live Chat, Lower Back Pain & Randomosity

  1. Hi Ricki! I’m looking forward to the chat tonight.

    Have I told you yet I like the new name of your blog? Very nice!

  2. Hee – no – thanks! I was pretty sneaky about changing it, no? Thought it’d be good for the first MS…you know, if that ever sees the light of day!

    I’m looking forward to it, too! I have *tons* of problems. 😉

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