Blogfail–Let’s Try This Again

I just learned tonight that my RSS feed hasn’t been working—since August 24th!—which means that some of my lovely subscribers may not have been getting my posts.  Boo!

And I just spent the last three hours trying to fix it.  (I think it’s all better now . . . but lemme know if you think you’re having any issues.)

I believe this only affected e-mail subscribers and anyone who has me on any kind of a feed that *is not* a reader.  If you have me on a reader, I think you should be up to date.
That said, here are links to the posts you missed (if you missed them).  Let’s catch up! 🙂

Erg.  So annoying, but I’m glad I found out now instead of six months from now.

Have a great weekend, my loves!

8 thoughts on “Blogfail–Let’s Try This Again

  1. I wondered what happened. But I checked back anyway and I subscribe to the RSS feed as well. I did get an e-mail announcement this morning, so it’s probably fixed.

    Boy, that J.M. really rocks with her guest blog! 🙂

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