End of the Week Mishmash: Why I’m Crazy (This Week)

I don’t think I’ll be doing a blogosphere post this week—just too much going on. We’ll see—maybe I will.

This week’s craziness:

1)  I’ve had a fever for a week and a half now.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and he says I may or may not have mono.  WHA??  He doesn’t think I do (I don’t either), because I don’t have swollen glands or anything, so I’m just kind of monitoring the fever.  It seems to be getting better today, so that’s good.

2)  Just when I started to feel *a little* better on Monday (only to revert back to a higher temp on Tuesday), I found out the company that hosts The Write-Brained Network (Grou.ps) is all of a sudden going to charge for its services.  They came out of nowhere with this (after vowing about seven months ago—when I moved the group from Ning who was doing the same thing—that they’d *always* be free) and basically bullied its group admins by saying we have until Nov. 1 to cough up the cash.  Nice.

If the service was great, it would be one thing—but it’s not.  So, I’m contemplating a move back to Ning—even though they too charge, they are good—and reliable.

The only thing is . . . we are triple the size we were when I first had to move the group—we are over 100 members!—and there is a lot of content that would have to be moved.  So, yes, I am kind of freaking out. A move would be labor intensive.

Luckily, I have a great team of folks behind me to help.  But I’m not sure what to do about potentially losing members in the migration.  The shoddy service I’m now paying for (at least until I can figure out what to do) is not putting my messages through to the group members, so I can’t even get the word out to those who don’t visit the site every day.  Harrumph!

Anyway, several of the folks over at The Write-Brained Network are so awesome they even donated money to help me pay for the costs.  I felt very George Bailey at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life this week.  🙂
But it’s seriously such a great group to be involved with—if you’re interested in checking us out, please do!  Click here. I promise to let you know about the migration when and if it happens!


3)  I’m going out of town—to Columbus—this weekend to see my in-laws . . . and I get the extra awesome bonus of meeting FIVE Write-Brainiacs IRL for the first time: Carolina Valdez Miller, Sara McClung, Gina Penney, Laura Atchison, and Brittany Roshelle!  YEE!
Photo ops?  Hell yes!!


I also get to meet a few other people who I only know from Twitter, like Simon C. Larter.  I have chatted with him here and there a few times, but I wouldn’t say we are really buddy buddy or anything—so I’m nervous!!
And Karen Hooper!  I don’t even know her at all, but Carol and Sara said I should look for her at RWA (I never found her). Because I don’t really know these people, I kind of feel like I’m meeting rock stars or something!
Carol did this totally cute vlog about this very subject—check it out—and it’s totally how I’m feeling.
I’m not *as* nervous to meet her and Sara because I’ve had more contact with them . . . but it’s still a little crazy.  I imagine this is a bit like what Internet dating is like?  Will they like me????? 🙂
4.)  You may have noticed my word counter and NaNoWraMo (yes, you read that right) badge that I just added to the blog.  More on that later, but that is partly what I’m planning for, come Nov. 1—finishing my WIP! (Sara McClinginstein is getting a group together to dedicate November to finishing their manuscriptshere’s her post on thatso I can’t take credit.)
Um, yeah.  So, anyway, that’s what’s up with me.  I’m trying to tie up my loose ends so I can leave for Ohio without having a panic attack.
One more thing:
Have a great weekend, everybody!

7 thoughts on “End of the Week Mishmash: Why I’m Crazy (This Week)

  1. Being sick is stinky and so is the group server! What’s up with that?? I think a move to Ning sounds like a good one. Perhaps we can start a donation site to keep it going? I’m in 😉

    Also, how totally awesome was it to meet up?? I’m so glad you came. It was definitely a con highlight for me. So so good to meet you. I felt a major connection to you. And THANK YOU so much for linking to my vlog! You’re such a sweetheart. I adore you, Miss Ricki. Can’t wait to meet up again.

    And thank you, Bridgid! I’m glad you liked it 😉

    • Carol – hee! I think Bridgid meant the video I linked to (the one at the end) was creepy. Yours wasn’t creepy!!

      I put a donation button up on the site, which goes directly to PayPal. Some folks have already chipped in. I love my WB peeps!

      I felt a major connection to you, too – I knew I would! 😀 This weekend was FAB!

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