No Blogosphere This Week-NaNoWriffic

Nope—no “In the Blogosphere” this week.  I’m NaNo-ing it up Schultz style (which apparently means not being able to blog as much and feeling a little guilty about it . . . but not all that guilty because of all the shiny new words I’m writing on my work-in-progress).

So, I leave you with something awesome (well, if you’re a Cleveland Cavaliers fan—or a LeBron James critic):

Happy “Fall Back” this weekend!

“Win a Ring for the King,” LeBreezy in the Hizzay Tonight

LeBron James.  Shaquille O’Neal.  The Boston Celtics. TNT.  I shiver with excitement as I anticipate tonight’s first Cleveland Cavaliers game (and because it’s legitimately freezing in my house).

Let’s hope O’Neal’s motto for the season, “Win a Ring for the King,” is accurate, as I’m not ready to sink into Cleveland sports depression.



Put those muscles to work, baby!


I'm ready!

I'm ready!

It’s 94 degrees today in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, and I’ve donned my Cleveland Cavaliers hoodie all day!  I woke to the news that Cavs GM Danny Ferry signed Shaquille O’Neal.

Stuck without a fellow Clevelander at the Southeastern Writers Association conference, I have stifled myself from dancing to every workshop today.  This is the first time I’ve allowed myself to think about LeBron and the boys since their heartbreaking elimination in the third round of this year’s playoffs.

Although I’ll miss Big Ben Wallace, I have a feeling he’ll retire before the season even starts.  And good riddance, Sasha Pavlovic.

Thanks, Danny Ferry, for your trade-savviness. We now have an answer to Dwight Howard, and what an answer Shaq Diesel is!

Is it the end of October yet?