SheNoWriMo & Sheena Easton

No “blogosphere” post today, as I am preparing for SheNoWriMo, my online writing group’s writing challenge for the month of May.


For SheNoWriMo, we’re going to be more flexible than traditional NaNoWriMo—you make your own rules.

Just set a goal for your daily word count and stick to it.  For instance, if you think your schedule will only allow you to comfortably write 500 words/day, fine.  That’s your goal.  Write one continuous piece or a lot of smaller pieces—or, heck—even just do writing prompts. (If you’re wondering about word count, as a general rule, 250 words=1 page.)

Just write something.  Every day.  For the entire month of May.  For more info on SheNoWriMo, click here.


My SheNoWriMo goal is to write 1000 words a day of a new young adult manuscript.  In reality, I’m hoping to write 1500 (like real NaNoWriMo), but I figured I’d set the bar at 1000 and, that way, if I go over, I’ll be thrilled; if I just meet my daily goal, I’ll still be happy.

For your eyes only!

I’m calling the work-in-progress “Sheena Easton” at the moment, but that’s only because the dream I had that gave me the idea for the book had Sheena Easton in it.  P.S.—The ’80s pop star is not in the book or associated with the story at all, other than the initial dream.  Don’t worry!

Anyway, that’s all I want to divulge about the book at the moment.  I’m keeping this baby under wraps!

Have a great weekend—and if you’d like to participate in SheNoWriMo, let me know.  If I get enough solid participants, I am going to give away a prize.