Shenandoah Writers Hosting a Write-In Saturday, May 15

For any writers in the Harrisonburg, Va., area who are interested, I am hosting a write-in at my humble abode this Saturday, May 15, from 11 A.M. – 5 P.M.


Because this profession has the propensity to be such a solitary one, I find I sometimes need that extra boost that camaraderie provides (hence Shenandoah Writers, Shenandoah Writers Online, SheNoWriMo, etc.).  While the act of writing is individual, I think it might be neat to feed off the energy of others.  That’s why I think, although I would have done SheNoWriMo myself if I’d had to, I have been staying on top of my word count (for the most part).  It makes one accountable.

It has worked for some of my favorite authors (John Green, Maureen Johnson, E. Lockhart), so perhaps it will work for us as well!
I have never been to a write-in or writers’ retreat before, but I envision this as a way to force oneself to get the writing done.  We all have crazy things going on in our lives, I’m sure, and we don’t always make as much time to write as we intend – so this is kind of an organized way of taking that time and being accountable to others – butt in chair and WRITE, as they say, the whole time.  

We will each be working on our OWN projects.  It will likely be a largely quiet day.


We have plenty of comfortable spaces to set up little “Internet cafes” as well as places to get a little bit of distance—no need for anyone to bring card tables or chairs, like we discussed at the meeting.  As well, we have outlets all over the place as well as two power strips, so we should be set in terms of power, no matter where people set up camp.

In addition, we recently acquired a 30-cup coffee pot, so we will have plenty of fuel to keep us going!


  • Laptops
  • Power cords for your laptops
  • Pens/Notebooks if you think you’ll be writing/outlining by hand
  • Your favorite writing snacks – we intend to do dinner at 5PM with anyone who wants to go, but if you’d like to snack throughout the day, pack yourself a little somethin’ somethin’ 🙂


Please let me know if you can make it. Even if you’ve never been to a Shenandoah Writers (IRL) meeting, but you’re in the area and interested, we’d love to have you—I just need to be able to plan for it, so it would be nice if you’d let me know.

As well, if you aren’t sure you can commit to the whole time, that’s totally fine.  You can certainly come and go as you please.

Please contact me for directions.


I think it will be a neat experience.  And hey—if it doesn’t work out or we hate it or something, that’s okay, too.  We’ll find out!

If you have any questions between now and Saturday, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

Looking forward to it!

Shenandoah Writers: Jan. 5 Meeting

Shenandoah Writers is a writing group, based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, which meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Barnes & Noble at Harrisonburg Crossing at 7pm. Stop by!


We welcomed new member Kathryn Williams to the group.  Kat is a graphic design student with a creative writing minor, and although she’s written and published short stories, her current focus is on poetry. We’re thrilled to have you, Kat!

We also discussed the online component to our group, the aptly-named Shenandoah Writers Online (SWO).  I ran some of my ideas past the gang, and they gave me some of theirs, including:

  • “Write ins” in the style of Twitter’s #amwriting or #writingparty
  • Scheduled chats
  • Contests
  • Writing-book reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Author spotlights
  • A mini NaNoWriMo (ShenWriWriMo)

These are all great ideas and all things I plan to implement in the coming months, so stay tuned!


Keep plugging away with the third chapter of Kiteley’s book.  It’s on characters.

I’ll post the prompt by Monday, Jan. 11, so check back—or if you’re a member of SWO, check there.

Shenandoah Writers: Dec. 1 Meeting

Shenandoah Writers is a writing group, based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, which meets the first Tuesday of every month at the Barnes & Noble at Harrisonburg Crossing at 7pm. Stop by!


Two of us slacked in terms of the writing prompt for this month, but we both had valid excuses.  (Yes, I was one of the slackers!)

We both promised to do our assignments before the January 5th meeting, however, and I even offered to do a punishment…but the other members were too nice to take me up on that.  Therefore, I decided my punishment will be that I must post the late assignment on the forum, which – YES – is up and running!  More details to come…

After we read Andrew’s fabulous Historical Omniscience piece, we chatted about POV and Kiteley’s book and decided to keep plugging away at it.

We cut the meeting a bit short because I’ve been battling a bug all week.


Please note: The Jan. 5 meeting will be 7pm—not 7:30pm as the B&N calendar currently says.  I just e-mailed them to request the change be made.   (I had to do that last month, too.  What’s up with those guys??)

Also: Please read the second chapter of Kiteley’s book.  It’s on images.  This time, we decided we’d all do the *same* prompt, to see how the results will vary.  I am supposed to be picking said prompt, and I have yet to do that.  (I intend to get to it by 12-11, so check back.)