Ricki enjoys editing and critiquing others’ work.BF0A1702

From grammar (her favorite!) and formatting to character and plot development, Ricki offers custom pricing per project.

If you would like more information about her freelance editing services, please contact her here and write “EDITING PROJECT” in the subject line: rickicardibooks@gmail.com.

“Having spent a couple of years writing the manuscript for my first novel, I thought it was polished. Wow, was I wrong. Sending the manuscript to Ricki for a full edit was the best move I could have made.

Ricki caught it all: grammar, punctuation, plot holes. Having lived with the thing for so long, some of the mistakes she picked up on should have been obvious to me; yet I was blind to them. She’s also well versed on minor details/rules, some of which I didn’t know existed.

The way in which she pulled apart my plot and fed me questions about it opened my eyes. I am happy to say I have completed a revision. It has all of Ricki’s corrections, AND I added my antagonist as a POV character—a move she recommended that has improved the novel immensely.

Ricki tells you what you need to know and doesn’t sugar coat it. Isn’t that what you pay for? I value her opinion so much that I’m sending the manuscript back to her for a post-revision edit!” —Adele Holmes, author of Winter’s Reckoning (She Writes Press, 2022) and long-lister of the Chanticleer International Book Award-Goethe Award (2021), MD, Benton, AR *2 full ms critiques

“From the first morning I worked with Ricki, she gave me insight into how I could revise my novel and turn my synopsis and query letter into an interesting package agents would be interested in. What she offers that no other editor I have ever worked with is a balanced and thorough approach that teaches me how to be a better writer. Her critiques show me not only what I should do, but how and why.” —Jan Little, Orlando, FL *Full ms critique, Partial ms critique, Query Letter and Synopsis critique

“Ricki is a tough but sensitive editor of the highest standing. She cut to the heart of my story, efficiently trimming the fat, sharpening the plot, and refining the dialogue to make it rattle along far more effectively.  This was exactly what I—and my story—needed. I recommend Ricki to anyone who is serious about getting their book published. Although her feedback can be tough at times, she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and I quickly came to trust and respect her critique. Ricki is an outstanding editor for those brave enough to hire her.” —James Anthony, author of Shakespeare’s Sonnets Retold: Classic Love Poems with a Modern Twist (Penguin Random House and Crown, 2018) and winner of Best Audiobook at New York Festivals Radio Awards (2019), New York, NY *Full ms critique

“I was extremely impressed by Ricki Cardenas’s professionalism, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail. She treated my manuscript with immense care, giving me extensive and insightful notes on each page that helped me improve the clarity and quality of my work. She often identified issues with voice and narrative flow that entirely escaped my notice and offered helpful and constructive ways to remedy problems with plot and description. Ricki’s communication with me throughout the editing process was outstanding, and she got my edited manuscript back to me promptly when she said she would. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in making their work tighter, more focused, and more commercially viable.” —Jack Somers, Hudson, OH *Partial ms critique

“Ricki’s critique of my first full manuscript has proven to be a true blessing, as I’ve worked my way through subsequent rewrites. She has a keen eye for proper grammar and punctuation, as well as important aspects such as pacing and placement of content. Her investment in my characters struck a personal chord with me, which I hadn’t expected. She is thorough, timely, and personable. 
I have no hesitation in recommending her to any writer/author in need of a quality critique.”—Cindy Hayes (writing as Sassi Ashe), 2019 Windy City Four Seasons Romance Writer Contest finalist, Akron, OH *Full ms critique

“Ricki is everything a writer could ask for or want in an editor. With a keen eye to detail, tons of thought and input poured into your manuscript, she helps make the pages sparkle and your words sing.” —Shannon Duffy, author of AWAKENING (Entangled Teen), SPECTRAL (Amazon), and GABRIEL STONE AND THE DIVINITY OT VALTA (Amazon), Ontario, Canada *Full ms critique

“Ricki’s feedback on my manuscript was invaluable! She had it back to me when she said she would and treated my work with respect while she opened my eyes to ways I could tighten and strengthen the story. I now feel confident that I am submitting my best writing.” —Naomi Shibles, Charlotte, NC  *Full ms critique

“I didn’t know what to expect when I requested a critique from Ricki for my first novel. When it was time to open her email with the completed critique, I felt the kind of anticipation I experienced when I was waiting to hear about college acceptance, a job offer, or the sex of a baby! But what you receive from Ricki is anything but a binary response. Her critique was comprehensive, and I could tell that she really cared. I learned a lot and am grateful to have specific suggestions to guide my edits.” —Kathy Young, Smyrna, GA  *Full ms critique